About Water Filter Bali

Mission Statement:

To promote and advise in all aspects of environmentally friendly water treatment systems within Bali and across the Indonesian archipelago, whilst providing the highest level of service, leveraging our extensive global network.

We are committed to being your link to the right products at the right price with the right service levels

Business Profile:

Based in Bali, Indonesia, Water Filter Bali was formed to provide environmentally aware, cost effective solutions for homes, villas and commercial enterprises focused on water treatment processes.

With over 44 years combined experience, Water Filter Bali is uniquely positioned to advise and implement best-in-class water treatment solutions Bali and across Indonesia.

Business Overview:

Originally targeting architects, developers and contractors, Water Filter Bali has already built up a comprehensive network of clients. Building on our reputation of providing no-nonsense solutions, we have recently opened our new showroom in Kerobokan to showcases the full range of our products.

With the introduction of The RCI Technologies Fuel filter and Purifier (Water Filter Bali Sole Distributor) Water Filter Bali is additionally targeting, The Marine, Mining and transport related industries to save you time and money, whilst being kind to the environment.

Sales Overview:

In addition to our expansive client base, Water Filter Bali has started to actively promote its products and services in Bali’s key tourism and real-estate related sectors with a series of product features relating to the benefits of Water Filter Bali’s products and services.

Feel free to contact us on our website, by email or WhatsApp to discuss your water treatment needs with one of our experts.