By Smart Water Filter Bali

For the removal of : Small Particles – Odors – Chlorine – Heavy Metals – Chemicals and Pesticides – Bacteria – Viruses – Cysts

For a whole house water filter system, commercial water filtration and industrial water filters can be used for any type of home, villa or commercial water treatment in the food, beverage, hotel, building, research, health, hospital, and healthcare industries. Indeed, any type of facility that requires purified water, bacteria / virus free water or filtered water can take advantage of our system.

We provide a site inspection, water testing and customised proposal for these larger systems to ensure that they are tailored to meet the specific needs for use and are suitable to treat the specific water conditions that you have. Call us for an appointment.

Here at Smart Water Filter Bali we provide Whole House, Restaurant and Factory Commercial Systems sized to suit your needs. We also provide 3 types of Point Of Use (POU) Domestic Drink Systems.