For the removal of : Small Particles – Odors – Bad Tastes – Chlorine – Heavy Metals – Chemicals and Pesticides

Most people are aware that most water supplies contain unsafe contaminates, such as chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and may have rotten tastes or smells. What many do not realize, is that these contaminates are NOT ONLY absorbed through drinking the water, BUT are also readily absorbed through our skin when we bathe AND those smells leave you, or your customers, with an unpleasant showering experience.
Unlike many other supplies we pride ourselves in designing the correct system to suit YOUR needs through selection of high grade Imported filtration media (Silica, Active Carbon, Manganese or Ferolite) and the setting of the backwash frequency.


  • Back-flushing Multi-Media tank systems that provide a wide range of filtration, without the need to change any filter cartridges.
  • 2 Year guaranteed Reinforced GRP imported Tanks
  • Automatic Back-Wash models using Imported SMART Digital control.
    OR Manual Control Heads for the budget minded or commercial systems.
  • Minimal flow restrictions. (We prefer to filter before the tank where possible)
  • High Grade Imported Media (Non Local)
  • Choice of Filter Size to suit your requirements, Domestic or Commercial.