By Smart Water Filter Bali

For the removal of : Small Particles – Odors – Chlorine – Heavy Metals – Chemicals and Pesticides – Bacteria – Viruses – Cysts

GO GREEN … The majority of us in Indonesia are still using Aqua Gallons or Bottled Water for our daily Restaurant or Household Drinking Quality Water. Apart from the Inconvenience of constantly running out or restocking and Expense, Disposable Bottles and even Aqua Gallon Water is a strain on our Eco System. Plastic waste is easy to see and understand but take some time to think about the energies required to produce and transport the water to your door.

Here at Smart Water Filter Bali we offer 3 types of Point Of Use (POU) Domestic Drink Systems. We also provide Whole House, Restaurant and Factory Commercial Systems sized to suit your needs.

POU UltraViolet (UV)

Pre Filtration, Bacterial & Virus Sterilization 99% Bacteria Free

UltraViolet is a traditional method of Sterilization & Treating Water. Although it may be used to treat general household supply its ideal placement is POU within 2 meters of the tap.  Provided that it is pre filtered (Prevents Bacterial Shielding) and Sized correctly, RO offers nearly full tap flow and is Ideally suited to Restaurants and Factories where the is a high Clean water requirement.

Shown..  Pre Filter & 40ltr/Min UV system. Additional pre filters may be required depending on Water Quality.

Water Filter Bali POU UltraViolet (UV)